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Artemisia Turiya




Desireless in seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, consuming, talking, walking, even in desiring, such a great person is truly liberated! ||17-12|| - Ashtavakra Gita Just be 🙏❤️🕉💫 Nothing more This is not a rehearsal 💀 Someone asked Eckhart Tolle, “Why is it that we need to awaken? We all die anyway!” 😉😎 Many laws have exceptions. They are not wrong. It’s just that their scope is limited.😉😎 What does it mean to be? What is going on here in/as the universe? 🪐What are we? 👀. There are various ways... Pursuing experience/insight and also intellect/reason/reflection. Science is crucial but should be understood within context. 🔬 + 🧘 + ???? I thrive on backcountry exploration/immersion in nature💫; silence and just being; sleep, nutrition and body n=1 explorations (hiking, keto/carnivore, HRV, sleep tracking...). What is consciousness? What is identity? What is neuroscience shedding light on? I am also interested in physiology of energy metabolism, microbiome 🦎, food as medicine, autoimmunity, athletic performance 👣, consciousness during sleep, modes of learning, possibilities of humans changing... There is a pervasive lack of critical thinking, propaganda taken as fact, lack of open mindedness and creativity, greed and lack of understanding about sources of true happiness. These things are part of the foundation of our unsustainable planetary situation. 🐝 💫 These days I work in natural resource management policy and environmental 🦎compliance, but started in math and physics 🌘.., Many other things in between. Short precious life. Great opportunity. Is each day and moment aligned and authentic? ☯️ Currently reading on Clubhouse: Metzinger's The Elephant and the Blind Metzinger's Being No One McGilchrist's The Matter with Things I may differ in view from my readings and rooms. An open mind is a beautiful thing. I frequent these houses: The Origin of Light Neurophysics Advaita Vedanta Jataveda"s House Jada and Chetana 🦋❤️🔱 When having a tough time, forgetting about it and exercise are often the best answers...A forgotten problem doesn’t seem like such a big deal... There is an unending ever present beauty, oh yes! 💫 May all being realize the heart of this “whatever-it-is” ❤️ Just be🙏🕉❤️💫. Nothing more Rumi: No being is unconnected to that reality, and that connection cannot be said. There, there's no separation and no return...