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Arnold Vries




Producer-Artist Arnold Travieso Rap artist, with many albums in his career, he did a long career as the singer of Soma Raza and also as a Ragatek Mc, and his master piece character “El Malo Malone” with an important album called “El Guion”, singer and visual artist that has traveled the planet with his music and messages, with a career full of great successes and achievements. * He was the pioneer singer in making drum and bass in Spanish in Spain making the first videoclip (MicroFunGunz) of this genre in Spain. * He created several social projects focused on achieving peace between gangs in Spain. * Record producer with a catalog of more than a hundred songs, many of them hit on the radio. Values and Mission My mission is to contribute to achieve prosperity and peace in Latin America, change the way Urban Music communicates with its audience through lyrics, and make this genre and real art style that influence new generations. Change starts within 🌱🌳🌟