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🔬Science-Based Dating & Relationship Coach, Certified Matchmaker. Voted the Most Innovative Woman in Relationship Matchmaking 2022. 🚺 I help men and women make better partner choices, stop self-sabotage, and create happy & healthy relationships. Join our GRGL Membership Site for only $8/month and get FREE access to our monthly masterclasses, courses, quizzes, book recommendations, etc. 💻 Take the relationship quiz 🎙Host of GRGL Show, Wed @ 2 PM (ET) & Love Insight on Fireside Chat, Wed @ 6 PM (ET) During my tenure as CEO of the Matchmaking Institute, I trained hundreds of matchmakers worldwide. Now, I facilitate the premier Love Pro Mastermind with some of the top matchmakers and daing coaches worldwide. As a coach I walk my talk and am very happily married, and I keep up with dating trends and the latest science and research about dating and relationships. RESOURCES 📚 Download the PDF of 1st Date Questions. DM the word "Questions" on IG or go to 📚 Download the eBook on how to discover your core values, relationship criteria, and deal-breakers. DM the words "Core Values" on IG or go to 📚Do you worry about your safety with Online Dating? Download the book Safety Tips & Hacks for Online Dating. Please go to my to get a FREE copy or DM "SAFETY" on IG. Lots of FREE goodies: CLUBHOUSE ROOMS Join the Get REAL, Get Love Club to get access to our pop-up rooms COACHING Schedule a discovery call to determine a good next step to reach your relationship goals. MATCHMAKING I'm the Founder of, a Premier Matchmaking Agency working with clients worldwide. We work with exceptional singles, seeking committed relationships with a heavy concentration on coaching. 📝 Join our FREE, confidential singles database and potentially meet the US, Blairstown, NJ ♏Human Design Type: Projector ✊🏾Anti-Racist 🧘🏽‍♂️Believer in the Law of Attraction CLUBHOUSE FOCUS I'm here to connect, collaborate, and combat the misinformation on this app about dating and relationships, so people get basic skills that change people's lives for the better.