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Arjun Rai




CEO, 👉 Smart Marketing for Underdogs ($99+/yr). Invest as low as $100 ($1.1M+ in Sales to Date)., smart networking via selfies. Free download. Backed by Billionaire Tim Draper at Draper Associates, 1517 (a scout for Peter Thiel), @julielyle @craig.reinfeld @jasonlberry @abhighosh @timdraper @marketing101 @haydenone @findtroy @dstrachman @renardthefox @tigerytown @mollymahoney 📈 3x Patent Holder 📝 Create. Schedule. Post. Trusted by over 15,000 small business underdogs worldwide 🌎. ✅ Pinterest ✅ Linked In ✅ TikTok ✅ Instagram ✅ Facebook ✅ Twitter ✅ Google My Business ✅ Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker ✅ blog ✅ Wordpress blog ✅ Snap ✅ Google Web Stories ✅ Mailchimp ✅ WhatsApp ✅ Shopify blog ✅ YouTube / Shorts Coming Soon: 🐾 Smart Graphics Editor 🐾 Telegram 🐾 Slack 🐾 Discord 🐾 Twitch 🐾 Direct Mail 🐾 Text Messaging Who uses 👉Coaches 👉Gyms 👉Podcasters 👉Real Estate Agents 👉Coffee Shops 👉Virtual Assistants 👉Course Creators 👉Web Design Agencies 👉Social Media Agencies 👉Freelancers 👉Smart Speaker Marketing Managers 👉Social Media Managers 👉and more! 📥 Email me, [email protected] 💻 Join thousands of small businesses in our Facebook group, “Content Masters by HelloWoofy” and tell us what feature(s) to build next for your small business! 🙌🏽 👨🏽‍💻 ENTJ-A. Into carpentry, candle making, vinyls, art of coffee, sci fi, supporting young entrepreneurs, fusion cooking, driving my e scooter, off road adventures, archery, interior design etc. 🙂 📍NYC 📍SF