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Lucas Bealmer




I'm here, you're here, everyone else is here too. Why not figure out what it's all about, Together. Let's advance forward into progress. It is imperative that we approach our future with a steady and careful hand, for it is the deliberate, affirmative actions of exemplary individuals who shall determine the course of humanity and Earth's future Remember not to neglect: १(1: THERE IS A HIGHER POWER २(2: THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS; MORE THOUGHTS = MORE THINGS ३(3: HARM NONE ४(4: JUDGE NOT ५(5: KINDNESS MATTERS ६(6: FUKM ७(7: LIFE IS GOOD ८(8: LOVE ALWAYS 🤎🤍💜💝💜🤍🤎⚛️ ♻️🌐🔰💖🔰🌐♻️☮️ 💚💞💞💗💞💞❣️💟 🖤👐🏻💛🙌🏻🧡🙏🏻🧬💚 “Through and through, as a thread to cloth, am I adorned with the vitae of compassion for all humanity and beast alike."