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Apostle Jakierra Thomas 🤍 Serial Entrepreneur | Prophetic Life Coach 🌱Empowering Christian Entrepreneurs to Thrive 💡 Insight | Clarity | Spiritual Solutions 📍Founder of JTG Ministries, Pensacola, FL 🗣️ Let's Talk Growth, Mindset, Deliverance, and More! 🙏 Guiding you on the path of spiritual and business success 💼 Scaling your impact with faith-based strategies Join me in transformative conversations that combine the power of faith and entrepreneurship. Let's unlock your potential, elevate your mindset, and achieve breakthrough results in life, ministry, and business. 🌟 #ChristianEntrepreneurship #MindsetElevation #Deliverance 👇 Sow into Missions 🌏 Cashapp $thepreacherslife FOLLOW ME 👇