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Jacqueline Jeffress




✝️KINGDOMPRENEUR✝️ 💡PURPOSE STRATEGIST💡 ✨VISIONARY✨ 👑KINGDOM AMBASSADOR👑 💡Purpose Driven - Inspiring YOU to BE~lieve you were created on PURPOSE with a PURPOSE! Birthing the gifts, talents, and calling of God on your life, to emerge YOU into the marketplace. ✝️Kingdompreneur - I help push you and gain clarity on your PURPOSE implementing your vision based on foundational truths, proven principles, and taking the actionable steps that PUSH you forward into birthing your God-given destiny. ✨My vision is to provide you with a unique and personal roadmap to help YOU “Discover your Purpose”. Write the Vision down, and make it plain, that they that read it may run with it...and that includes YOU! 💃🏽 ♟My mission is to get YOU started on your journey ...PUSHING you beyond 2020 Vision 👀 and getting YOU laser sharp focused, birthing your purpose. Look forward to the year of 2022! A New Year, A New You! ❤️ Reinvent yourself! 🤩MAKING THE DIFFERENCE!!!🤩 Cultivating environments that change the trajectory and affect people’s lives. Ready. Set. Go. Get UNSTUCK.🤯 PUSH!!!...Your 👼🏽 is depending on YOU! 🤝LET’S CONNECT🤝 WEB: 📌 {Website under Construction} Join me also in my Facebook community “A Place to Believe” ~ Where YOU Belong!~ 📲 Text Message @Jacqueline’s Community (323) 310-2202 ♣️ A Place to Believe 🏠 UNAPOLOGETICALLY a BELIEVER, FOLLOWER, AND DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST 👇🏼COMING SOON👇🏼 *************************************** Emerging AUTHOR- ITY Writing ✍️ a Book 📖 CO-AUTHOR VOLUME 2 ANTHOLOGY - WHAT GOES ON IN MY HOUSE STAYS IN MY HOUSE…Breaking My Silence For My Sanity ***************************************** 💲CASHAPP: $JMichelleHair