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Anya Kramer




Passionate about shifting relational systems, through community based forms of ritual β€˜healing,’ often assisted by psychedelic medicines. πŸ„ Background in: ✨ Religion (Buddhism, Hinduism, different traditions of being/knowing) ✨ Philosophy ✨ Psychology ✨ Storytelling (Reality Crafting) ✨ Making things happen! Working at MAPS Public Benefit Corporation | Making MDMA-assisted therapy available as a prescribed treatment for PTSD and other indications. Championing an open science and public benefit model within the psychedelic field. Things I think about: πŸ’‘ Bridging divides across the many realities πŸ’‘ Redefining models of leadership πŸ’‘ The planet and our relationship to it πŸ’‘ Lineage, epigenetics, & generational trauma πŸ’‘ Connecting people/ideas I like meeting new people and participating in fun & thoughtful conversations. πŸͺ”πŸ’¬ On a path of discovery. Here to: explore, listen, learn. dms open πŸ‘‡