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Victoria Cumberlege




🌿 Narcissist Abuse Specialist©️. Trauma Recovery Coach. Long term abuse can lead to Complex PTSD, often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue etc. A lot of healing needs to be done to move on to find your freedom again. This is a subject very dear to me. My proven 4 month recovery programme enables clients to experience the power of brain based therapies, trauma work and coaching. I believe there is nothing out there like this programme! 🌿I help people with anxiety and depression become free of these illnesses using the most up to date incredible powerful therapies. Both these illnesses can be successfully treated. If you want to leave those pills in their box, let’s get talking! 🌿Rapid Transformational Therapy is a revolutionary powerful one. It incorporates psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP and the best bits of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy . 🌿Finding the root cause of your anxiety or depression is a key part to your recovery. 🌿When did you last upgrade your mobile? When did you last upgrade your subconscious mind (where you store all your beliefs about yourself and the world)? Never?!!! 🌿Upgrading and rewiring is totally possible through the power of the type of hypnotherapy I use. 80% of what we learn in life is learned by the age of 8. 🌿The beliefs we make about ourselves and the world are made by the age of about 7 - crazy fact!! That’s because we do not form a logical mind until then! We only have our programming side (our subconscious) until 7 so everything we experience, see and hear is absorbed as fact. So you can imagine the amount of wrong facts that have been programmed into our mind! 🌿Anxiety and depression is totally treatable - I see it everyday at my clinic! I have amazing results and I look forward to helping you. 🌿 Brainspotting Therapy. Recommended and endorsed by world renowned Trauma expert, Bessell Van der Kolk. 🌿Let’s have a chat, I offer a free Discovery Call! 🇬🇧 England based 🐶 and 🐎 lover 💕 🧠 fascinated with the workings of the brain