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Antonio Ravenna




šŸ’” Innovator @ Linklaters, helping lawyers and clients to explore legal innovation with innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies. šŸŽ™ Founder of Lex by Design, a personal brand to create Legal Tech and Legal Design contents and projects for legal hackathons. šŸ† Top 3 Under 30 @ Legal Tech Awards. Before this, šŸ‘ØšŸ¼ā€šŸ’» Legal Project Manager @ LT42 ā€“ The Legal Tech Company, developing legal innovation projects both Legal Tech and Legal Design, šŸ” Privacy Specialist @ Bird & Bird & šŸ¤– Data Protection Officer @ an AI company, šŸš€ Founder of an award-winning Startup in the Augmented Reality industry, šŸŽ„ Digital Content Creator.