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Stephanie Kunkel




Follow 👍 meet with me 🧠 get my book 📖 👀 I’m on clubhouse for the author community. International Best Selling Co-Author, Author of Perspectives through Broken Glass, mom, leader, speaker, girlfriend, ally, girl scout leader and neurospicy person just over here trying to change the world. (Ask me about the Perspective Shifters movement.) If you need me, I am happy to be here. I will show you respect, love, and empowerment. My vision: I will live my life with intention, openness, and love so that leaders can help their followers to have fulfilling, happy, and empowered lives. I will do this by setting my focus, connecting with what's around me, spiritually, and challenging others to see another perspective. 🤫I also write under a pen name, just ask me and I’ll share the name. 🤫