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Dr. Anomaly Soul




I PhiniseD and y’all on this app arguing with professional catfish and grifters 🔮🍏 Scholar- Urban Ed PhD **audience member** and you mad about it ✍🏾 Dr. 👩🏾‍🏫 Educator. English Ed. Literacy. Curriculum and Instruction 👽 Blerd. 💅🏿 Black Woman. 📿SGI Buddhist 🪷 w/ a side of root work 🪄 ♈️🌕♉️☀️♊️⬆️ What grounds me… 💎 💎 “Obstacles are a golden opportunity to quickly forge an inner self that is as indestructible as a diamond, able to endure for eternity” 💎 💎 *Just here laughing at the scammers building clout and exploiting ppl on CH and frowning at y’all internalized racism. * Accountability culture that disproportionately emphasizes individuals’ behavior within marginalized communities, rather than addressing systemic issues, perpetuates white supremacy. * Are you dumb? You sure sound like it. Stats may reveal correlations or trends, but they don't always explain the underlying motivations or causes driving those behaviors. *Shoutout to all the black ppl who look up these grifters, misinformation spreaders, and content creators who are harming the black community with their rhetoric. 🫡 *It’s insulting when you call yourself a Dr. when you don’t even understand causation vs correlation. *Men without power irl love checking women online cuz it’s the cheapest way for them to “prove” their power or manhood since they don’t have any irl. * CH’s favorite type of arguments: “the fallacy of relative importance.” It occurs when someone dismisses an argument or issue by pointing out that there are more important problems to deal with, implying that the original issue should not be addressed. If you still reading this stop, log off, get off the internet, read a book, go back to school, get a mentor…