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Annette Lee




PAR (Peer Assistance Review) coach Special Education Teacher 👩🏾‍🏫🍏 (Emotional Behavior Disorders) Professional Student 👩🏾‍🎓 (Ed.S) 🇺🇸 📚PBC College Tour Coordinator Virtual and in person college tours and college prep workshops Virtual tutor expert Fisk Alumna (B.A.)💙💛 Howard Alumna (M.Ed)❤️💙 HBCU Advocate✊🏾 Conscious parent of 5 Montessori parent 👧🏾👦🏾👦🏾👧🏾👧🏾 Bonus mom 👧🏾 Twin Mom👦🏾👦🏾 Toddler mom👧🏾👧🏾 PING ME! 🔔Conscious parenting discussions 🔔Montessori discussions 🔔SEL learning 🔔Special Education Equity 🔔Debt free journey talks LET’S COLLABORATE! Interested in modding rooms about: ✳️Special Education and IEPs ✳️Universal Design for Learning ✳️ Parenting and routines