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Annelie Roux




My name is pronounced like “Anna-Lee.” I help you find confidence and balance in your life and your work utilising Audiomersion™ experiences designed to effortlessly generate positive change in your subconscious mind. DM “Confidence” for info. “Host of “Sparking the Change” podcast. I engage with impact leaders and changemakers to explore how they are transforming the world. Connect with me on Instagram if you are an agent of positive change - I’d love to chat! Tune in to my podcast on your favourite platform for inspiring conversations. Embracing my new life in the remote mountains of Ecuador. Grateful for my internet connection as we don’t have cell phone reception. 🎙️ Media company and host of Sparking the Change Podcast. 📈 Serial Entrepreneur 👨‍🌾 Farmer 🧩 Community builder, 🔗 People connector. 🤝 Queen of Collaboration. 📚 Home schooling grandma. 🌟 In a world where you can be anything, be kind. ✳️ Clubhouse Moderator for Impact Leaders and Change Makers Moderator in these houses: ✳️ XPMENTOR ✳️ What it takes to run a 1 Million Dollar Biz (WMB) club ✳️ Record breaking marathon room (85 days 24/7) “How to run a successful business” (Hosted by WMB club.) ✳️ Support for Africa - If you are an impact leader, social entrepreneur, philanthropist or running a not for profit organisation in Africa I would love to know more about what you are doing. ✳️ Fight for your Business ✳️ Let’s Muuv Together and Scale ✳️ Strategic Mindset ✳️ Mumzy’s African Coffee ✳️ Fighting Child Poverty ✳️ Mumzy’s Children Foundation ✳️ Entrepreneur Millionaire Secrets 🌟 Social Entrepreneur 💦🏊 Aquatic Therapist and Swim Instructor for children with special needs, specialising in children with ASD ♾ My superpower is ADD. ♾ My biggest Challenge is ADD. My special interests: 🎙 Podcasting ❤️ Philanthropy ♾ Autism / Neurodiversity, 🌴 permaculture, 🍂 composting, 🔬 soil biology, ♻️ sustainable living. My hobbies: 📚Reading, 🪴Gardening 🇿🇦 Born and raised in South Africa 🇨🇾 Moved to Paphos, Cyprus in March 2007 and lived there for 15 years. 🇪🇨 Moved to Vilcabamba, Ecuador end of September 2022. 👇CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA👇 👍🏻 Clapper: @AnnelieMeiringRoux 🔗 LinkedIn: AnnelieRouxDigitalSolutions