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Aniruddha Pathak




An award winning Best Parent Coach & Best Career Coach 2021, a personality sculptor, a certified Master Life Coach, a Motivational speaker. ⭕Vision - To create a world where parenting is done as a conscious effort which will lead to healthy relation between kid & parent. ⭕Mission- To help 10million parents of toddlers to be consciously more effective with the help of parenting blueprint. I m a human skills & employability skills trainer, motivational speaker with an industry experience of 10+yrs and 7+yrs in education industry. I m also a professional Voice Over & Dubbing Artist. After working with corporate giants for 10yrs, I decided to work with students of schools n colleges. Working with them since 7+yrs now and training them for placements. I have trained 30000+ students on various life skills, soft skills n conducted placement related workshops at various colleges across country. Some of the topics on which I share my experience are - Parenting Tips, Basics of Parenting, Goal Setting, Presentation Skills, Personality Development, Communication Skills, Grooming & Body Language, Public Speaking, Customer Service, Team Building, Time Management, Group Discussion, Interview Techniques, Self Introduction, Self Motivation & Discipline, Facing the Fear, Resume Building, etc.. Deliver special motivation session on --"BATTLE STORIES OF SHIVAJI MAHARAJ", --"LIFE LESSONS FROM MS DHONI", --"VALOR STORIES OF INDIAN ARMED FORCES". "Be the change" and "Keep Learning Keep Growing" are my mantras. I firmly believe in these mantras and like to lead by example. Travelling, music n movies, poetry I enjoy. Follow me on LinkedIn- YouTube-