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Fashion Technology | Founder of 360Fashion Network | Advocate for Women in Tech I help fashion & technology brands innovate in their businesses. Latest product: Women’s Wireless Charging Wallets. ✅ | INNOVATOR | SPEAKER | MODERATOR | DEVELOPER | WOMAN IN TECH | DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION | FASHIONTECH EXPERT | ✳️Moderating Fashion Tech Talk Room (Sunday 9pm EST) Featured in WWD, ABC7News, PBS Television, CNN 2000’s, Wired, TechNode, JingDaily, Le Figaro, China Daily, and listed as one of the top 100 women in wearables. 👉🏼See my Wikipedia page.👀 Keynote Speaker at Mobile World Congress, CES, Amazon RE:Invent, China National Garment Congress, China Fashion Week, Fashion Speak I build wearable tech products for women, smart gloves for Intel, robotic dresses featured at NYFW, speak at conferences worldwide about digital transformation, and produce events and exhibitions on innovation for Governments and industries to innovate with fashion and tech. Partnering up with companies such as INTEL, IBM, NOKIA, SAMSUNG, GSMA, CHIC FASHION EXPO, SZOIL, HP, NOITOM, TIERTIME, BESTSELLER, I create and demonstrate innovation to show our future fashion lifestyle. | | | Yoga, minimalism, meditation, sci-fi movies, vegetarian, vegan, actress, model, christian, hiking, gaming, airsoft. ✅DMs open ❤️, I’m here to help. Newsletter: http://send 🏡On Clubhouse to share my knowledge, connect, and learn 💰$360fashion