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Author, Ageless Rebel, fashion psychologist; I style body, mind and soul for vibrant longevity. Age-empowered, sustainable, life changing, storytelling content IG@STYLINGLONGEVITY 👘🌳 🧀 AGELESS REBEL🎙🌱 🧠 The club to rethink, rewrite and restyle our selves and awaken our power. We are art. We are story. We are eco cool. SOON AGAIN We dive into 💋Personal power 💋Authentic style 💋Stories for your authentic branding 💋Words & style that co create your life experience 💋 Writing as a power tool 💋 Books as a business 💋Adventures into clarity 💋Mind liberation & expansion 💋Connections with like minded creatives and experts in fashion, beauty, mysteries & media. I am a Cosmopolitan and speak German, English, French& Portuguese. 👘 Content creator for IG, FB and TikTok 🌊MA in arts, also studied architecture, art therapy & fashion psychology. Background 👭 Women theater groups in the 70s 🎭 Free Theater, my first traditionally published empowerment book 📖 📷 Hundreds of journalist stories including Vogue 🌏 🛸 Building houses in Portugal ⏳Sacred Geometry& mystery schools and 2 years of art therapy college in Santa Fe 💃🏻Afro Haitian dance, yoga 🕯Shamanic journeys 👽AI, AR, VR & life extension 🧸Fearless single mom Entrepreneur I created, managed &sold 🍕 ARCconstruction, building villas 🌳 Art gallery for emerging artists 🌿Organic vegetarian restaurant 🌱Alternative med spa 💍 Eco and the Princess, the No 1 & only sustainable wedding biz 2021 Outfits talk, styling consultations for empowerment. Dress up for clarity, confidence, imagination, branding & bold living. I’m an advocate against ageism and for a sustainable, inclusive future. Loves ❤️Nikita, my Tibetan Terrier rescue Please follow me on IG@Stylinglongevity Sign up for my ageless rebel blog at ⚜️Join the Ageless Rebel club⚜️