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Angie Clay




✍🏽I am a Journaling lover, a transplant from the DMV now living in the PNW! I help women take the art of beauty and relaxation beyond skin deep, by putting pen to paper using the act of journaling for self-care. Essential Oil Lover: 🌱🪴 Adding other tools to the writing experience makes it even better. Tip: Diffuse oils when you ✍🏽! 📔📓Journaling For Self-Care Club Rooms: ✍🏽Journaling Prompts: Monday: Setting Intentions 6am PST/ 9am EST Tuesday-Friday: Pass The 🖊 (3 Daily Writing Prompts 1hour) Journaling Can Help: Journaling is more than just Dear Diary! It can be transformational and help you pull back layers at your own pace. Granted journaling is not for everyone you must be willing to be transformed by the healing ❤️‍🩹 process it can help you do. If you say yes to all that… then you are in the right spot! If you want to learn how you can make journaling habitual and a part of your daily routine join me in my ♣️🏠(Journaling For Self-Care) and tap the green house. Writing Daily allows journaling prompts to guide you to let whatever is on your heart leak onto pages of your journal. You will have a community of others striving to learn more about themselves and process feelings that come up day to day. We are living in a world that is full of changes daily. Some are triumphs and some unfortunately are heartbreaking 💔 using this form of self care can help you process many feelings that swing back and forth like a pendulum.