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Angelina Piechowska




🛋Psychologist 📚Author 👩‍🏫 Experience designer 👩‍💻Co-founder and director of psychology and content in the International School of Life (ISL)! 🔥Available events: ⚡️⚡️⚡️Join ISL Club❤️ ⏰ each Monday 6 pm BST 👩‍💻Meet & Connect & Grow 📌Join to secure your place today: 🔜🔜🔜 ⭐️Dream Map Programme - live sessions, individual and peer to peer support❤️ ⭐️How to overcome your fear 💯 ⭐️ISL Club - meet & connect & grow🦋 👩‍🎓Member of British Psychology Society and American Psychological Association. 📌MA in Psychology 📌MA in Administration Law 📌MA in Linguistics 🇬🇧🇵🇱 🎉Multilingual 📍Birmingham, UK 📚Author of the book and blog "Let's talk about you" and “How to build your career abroad”. ✍️Co-founder and facilitator of two programmes "Design your life in the UK “ and “Start Today Build Tomorrow” (Aviva & European Social Fund). 🗓Resettlement Manager helping migrants who want to develop their careers in the UK Presentations at Conferences (talks): 👠Female Leadership Conference, How to overcome your fear?, Bristol 👩‍💻International Week, Social Identity, Citizenship and Social Work Practice, Conference, University of Birmingham, England ❤️Positive Psychology Conference, Design yourself, Warsaw, Poland Positive Psychology Conference, Self-silencing women, Gdansk, Poland 👩‍🎓Research: 🌴Empirical research - a sense of flow (flow), Does everybody can feel the flow, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland 💃The effect of invalidating at silencing women, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland 🦋Being self-realization as a way to extract the potential and prize presentation at the poster session of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland Other interest: Books🛋 Healthy food🍃 Sailing⛵️ Mission❤️to help you flourish abroad🌻 Let’s connect💚