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Angelee Richmond




Owner of BySkyeDesigns, creating clergy stoles that not only hang right, but reflects the mission and personality of all people faith. Finding fabrics, creating designs and putting it all together is my personal joy and calling! $Akskye on bitclout Clothing reseller! Former Alaskan- 20 years living in Fairbanks, most of which I spent in politics. I passionately believe in resources given to red states to democratic candidates. Stacy ❤️ When I realized the Etsy could and would be my full time income stream (I honestly still have a hard time believing it) the search for the pup I have dreamed about having began. It took 3 years, but I found my Irish Wolfhound, Wee Beastie! She is in my lap as I type! We have since added a wolfhound mix rescue and a black Scottish terrier rescue to the pack.