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Angela Reyes




In this beautiful lifetime, I am here to: ✨ Embody my fullest expression of love ✨ Live in joy and abundance ✨ Create and hold space for people to feel seen, heard, accepted, safe, and loved ✨Be of service for the collective’s highest good I believe we are all worthy of seeing our beautiful light, even when our human experience may feel too overwhelmingly dark and heavy. I choose to hold space for anything and everything that comes up for us/that we experience with compassion, empathy, understanding, and acceptance. From this, my commitment to myself and my commitment to others is to acknowledge, feel through, and support one another to continue forward towards love and all that is aligned with our own highest aligned path ✨🙏🏽 In this present moment: I am being presented with new opportunities to lean deeper into love - which has been incredibly vulnerable, painful, liberating, scary, expansive, and deeply soul nourishing. As a beautiful friend reminded me “take just one book off the shelf at a time…you don’t have to unpack every book all at once if you see it weighing in your heart and your peace”. Making space to witness the entire soul self, the divine lessons, the growth, the “why did I do that…”, the “how could I let that happen…”, the “I am deeply hurting and don’t know if I will be okay”, the “I’m sorry for…”, the joyful light hearted spirit, the spiritual wisdom and awakenings, and the beautiful heart within us all, all through the eyes of love. Doing it messy, beautifully, and lovingly ❤️ It is an honor to be alongside you in this lifetime. Together and connected we are, love you all!