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Angela Go




🎯 I help leaders, change-makers & innovators create, drive & multiply their impact through impactful, holistic leadership 🎯 📈Co-Founder at,, 🙌🏻Fortune 500 Executive Coach & Trainer 🎤International Award-Winning Public Speaker 🎓President of UAA, Europe’s leading engineering professionals network ( 🏆 Board Advisor at Unitech International Society ( 💡Broke Street Artist traveling for 3 years across 4 continents turned Corporate Leader, Award-Winning Public Speaker & Entrepreneur ——————————————————— 🌟Panel Speaker in Davos during World Economic Forum (2018, 2019) 🌟Necker Island with Richard Branson (2018) 🌟Founding Member of !nGenius, Nestlé’s global innovation incubator & employee innovation program hailed by Gartner as ‘a prime example of successful bimodal corporate innovation’ ( 🌟Keynote Live Tour with 18 shows across 6 countries ‘Accelerate Your Career While Doing What You Love’ (2018) 🌟Proudly served Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson, SAP, MSD, Deloitte, Siemens, Philips, USAID, YMCA, MassChallenge & more 🌟Shared the speaker stage with John Travolta, Calvin Klein, Randi Zuckerberg, Fredrik Eklund & more 🌟Expert Speaker on international media outlets & international business conferences ——————————————————- What you need to be successful & I help you develop: ❤️ | HEARTSET: raw authenticity, innate energy, meaningful relationships 💆🏻 | MINDSET: break through internal barriers that hold you back, develop strategy, how to accelerate your career & business 🛠 | SKILLSET: effective pitching, impactful communication, powerful public speaking, virtual & real life facilitation ——————————————————- Expertise: ✅ Public Speaking ✅ Pitching & Storytelling ✅ Stage Confidence ✅ Impactful Communication ✅ Coaching ✅ Executive Authentic Leadership Development ✅ Impactful Virtual Leadership / Leading Virtual Teams ✅ Break-through Mindset ✅ Innovation & User Centric Design as a Life Philosophy ——————————————————- 💁🏻‍♀️Dutch-born🇳🇱Asian🇲🇴(Macau)🇭🇰(HK) 🌎 Global Citizen Where I’ve lived: 🇳🇱NL🇮🇹IT🇨🇭CH🇹🇼TW🇪🇸SP🇩🇪 DE 📍Current location: 🇮🇹 Italy I speak: 🇳🇱Dutch (mother tongue) 🇬🇧English 🇭🇰Cantonese (mother tongue) 🇨🇳Mandarin 🇪🇸Spanish What I love: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family ✈️Travel 📚Learning & Growth 💡Innovation & UX 📲Tech & Gadgets 🎨Design for Good 🥾Hiking 🍛Food —————————————————— DM me & connect: 👉🏻👈🏻