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Angela D Holmes




Emotional Fitness Coach|Builder Of Women|Speaker|Author| Strategist 🤺 🤺The Middle Mover - Moving you out of that messy middle of where you are right now to where you desire to be🍇 ⭕️ Join me! 3-DAY Emotional Breakthrough Challenge. Register here: Empowerment|Emotional Healing for Women 40+💎 ♣️🏠 ✳️ Co-Moderator - The Midlife Network Hello, I’m Angela. The best walk I ever took was with God 💃🏾 🕊 Cali Girl 😉 🌬Trailblazing a path for women to reinvent themselves from the inside out. I have a deep passion to emotionally build and empower women who are stuck behind the hurt of life's devastating blows🐆 upgrade their relationship with God, and live an abundantly amazing life! 💫An advocate for the silent sufferers: Home Executive, Boardroom, Ministry, Divorcee, Entrepreneur, women in transition homes, and shelters...💎 🎞Helping women overcome rooted limited mindsets derived from life stuff and those darn mistakes we made🤪 ✅Let’s work on emotional transformation and application. 👩🏾Founder + CEO at 🌬Arising Woman —How To Work With Me— Would you like a Discovery Session? linktree/angeladholmes [email protected] ____________________________________ ❓Why I am here:🏃🏾‍♀️ 🤝Collaborate, encourage, empower🏆 🧡To be an asset & pour into someone in need. 🙇🏾‍♀️Connect with some quirky folk like myself 🙄🤭😝 who are passionate about building women. A little about me: 👑 I love Jesus 🙏🏾 Woman of grace, faith and belief 🤺 I slay limiting beliefs 😡 🙌🏾 Philanthropist 🟠 Crypto Girl 😉 😇 I am Emotionally & Spiritually Healthy 💯 I am Whole Complete Lacking Nothing. ✍🏾 I am the Author of “Unscarred” 🍫 I make chocolate almond clusters 🚗 I love long drives on Highway 1 🤣 I laugh daily... just because $angeladholmes3 👇🏾 DM me, let’s connect