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Andy Najjar




◾️Technologist 🦾 ◾️Startup Advisor ◾️Future of Work Influencer & Speaker ◾️COO at FutureSolve ◾️CEO Vacation Rental Tech Company ◾️Mentor & Purpose Coach ◾️25+ year meditator 🕉 and spiritual seeker. ▪️ Writer ◾️Lebanese American 🇺🇸 🇱🇧 ♦️Founder of the SAAS Software Executives Club [email protected] 〰️Portfolio〰️ ◾️Chief Operations Officer 📶FutureSolve Future of Work Technology & Advisory Company. ◾️CEO 🚺 ProVilla Vacation Rental Management Software /App. ◾️Executive Director 🌐The Awakened World Global coaching organization that is dedicated to helping young adults, professionals and entrepreneurs to live with purpose. ◾️Board Member ♻️ Eco-friendly Earth A giving back project to help companies and households become 80% greener by replacing plastic products with eco-friendly alternatives.