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18k LinkedIn connections - 1k Twitter followers - Author of an upcoming book on the Bipolar Business Advantage, coach, trainer and mental health speaker Bipolar is termed the CEO disease. Many successful entrepreneurs live with Bipolar inc the founder of Kayak who sold it for $2bn Wikipedia list over 300 well-known people living with Bipolar - join the blog mailing list Message via LI - (18k connections) FB pages @360MentalWealth & @BipolarMentor Twitter @theBipolarMentor (1036 followers) I lived with undiagnosed bipolar disorder for over 30 years with significant consequences. I now have professional help to manage his condition and am I'm on a mission to change the perception of Bipolar in Business. My experience as a serial entrepreneur who has lived with bipolar has given me a unique perspective for businesses, information that would be invaluable to OH or HR providers. The Bipolar Business Advantage helps businesses to harness the creative power of bipolar employees and brings the tools to harness and apply this advantage. We bring hope to what can appear to be a hopeless situation. I introduce an approach to bipolar disorder from a different perspective. My company highlights the advantages that can be gained, yet do not dismiss the serious challenges of the condition. Many highly functioning people who had bipolar disorder achieved great success and endured many difficulties in their life.