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Andrew Lee 🎧




🎙Extrovert’s Extrovert | 2X founder and startup investor You may have seen me: 🍯🦡 early stage VC @initialized - first investors in tech startups Coinbase, Instacart, Patreon, Ro, Rippling 🎮🐑 2X founder, sold company to FarmVille/Zynga (pre-IPO) ✍️❤️Fun fact: I wrote a NYTimes Modern Love essay on Asian-American identity & dating (also a podcast episode) 🌉 San Francisco 🏔Colorado native 🇺🇸Truman Scholar 🏞 Udall Scholar 🏛 White House/Small Business Administration (SBA) Excited to talk w/ you (中文, 廣東話/广东话, Español), here’s an alternative👇