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Andrea Delcourt




🦊 Be a Fox Hi ❀ I'm a Brand Expert and Marketing Consultant who's worked with top brands and agencies, award-winning artists, bestselling authors and entrepreneurs. 🦊 Foxes have great instincts, sharp vision, impeccable hearing and of course they're intelligent, playful, clever, and attractive. (Just like you and your Marketing should be.) Build your brand, market like a pro, and achieve your dream faster and easier when you get inspired and empowered by The Foxy Marketing Club. πŸ”₯ Follow if you dare. VISIT SOCIAL Clubhouse: The Foxy Marketing Club (no replays) LinkedIn: TikTok: @thefoxymarketingclub IG: @thefoxymarketingclub (link issue unable to get resolved thru CH) PAYMENTS CashApp: $hypergrowth PayPal: My name is pronounced AND-ree-uh or ON-dree-uh