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Andrea Arledge




Intuitive Development & Self Mastery Quantum Energy Coach Intuitive Business Co-Creation with Numerology Reiki Master Teacher Helping you lead from soul level in right relationship with yourself. 🔥 Leaving a 16 year nursing career to do healthcare differently has never meant more to me than it does now. ✨🧬✨ I help you be who you are so you create the life you want taking a holistic approach as we find the clarity in your mind, body, soul and business for total wellness AND success. 🧬 When you attune your energy to your highest self, you create space for what your soul is asking you to do. You become your Higher Self and Emerge as the leader you know you’re meant to be. ✨ 💎 Let’s find your medicine together! ❤️❤️ I use energy medicine and Earth based practices, along with Numerology as tools for life and business guidance. Everything is coded and when we tap in, we can understand what our next best step is. ✨ Together we dive deeply into your coded Numerology to build your message and explore your ideal client. You’ll be amazed at your Numerology contract between you and your coded client. 🤯🧬 Attune to your Highest Self and Reiki if you choose for quantum healing for well, EVERYTHING! Understand yourself with more mindfulness so that you tap deeply into your own soul’s wisdom as we help get you clear on your life’s path with confidence and clarity. 💎 Holding women’s circles is my first love, and I hold them regularly with guided journeys to merge with your Higher Self so you actually hear what your soul is telling you. ✨Mindfulness is Magick ✨Conscious Business ✨Meditation ✨Numerology ✨Intuitive Development ✨Grounded Intention and Ceremony ✨Connect to Your Soul’s wisdom What’s your next best step? Pause, ask & listen. ❤️