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Andray Kali Napolez




Founder of Diced Digital πŸš€ Reframing Awareness & Perspective to Embody Empowerment & Expansion ❇️ MY β€œSTORY” Happiness and fulfillment were calling, so I walked away from the largest law firm in the world πŸ‘£. πŸ”Ί I traveled the world πŸ”Ή Worked with intuitives πŸ”Έ Learned from indigenous healers & shamans 🌚 Performed deep, ongoing ancestral healing πŸ”Έ Engaged in self-study & took cosmic courses πŸ”Ή Began developing my intuition & trusting πŸ”» Allowed my gifts & purpose to light my path I help people tap into their quantum awareness to ALCHEMIZE the mental, emotional, and energetic misalignments that are limiting their energetic potential. ✳️ Open to Adding Value on the Following: πŸ”΄ Mindset, Awareness, & Empowerment 🟠 Metaphysics & Energy Healing 🟑 Mental & Energetic Freedom 🟒 Consciousness (normal & altered states) πŸ”΅ Working W/ Angels, Ancestors, & β€œAliens” 🟣 Plant Medicine 🟀 Intuitive Superpowers ⚫️ Finance, Crypto, & The Great Reset πŸ“ The World πŸš€ CEO of Diced Digital - EdTech Startup ♻️ BitClout βž– AndrayNapolez πŸŽ“ Hampton (HBCU) | Wash U Law, St. Louis