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Anas Ebrahem




I’M HERE TO HELP 🚀 🔘 Digital Marketing ✨ I help businesses find ideal customers ✨ I help businesses build a buzz around their brand. ✨ I craft social media strategies designed to get noticed. ⚪️ Marketing Nerd 🦄 ⚪️ Entrepreneur🕴 at heart ❤️ ⚪️ Encourager 💪 ⚪️ Believer 😎 My Faves - @ppchero @heroconf @ Brainlabs @TheSocialChain @hirefireteam @adworldofficial ⚪️ I write and share about the things that inspire me in life. ⚪️ I'm here to inspire you to keep pursuing your passion. ⚪️ I am a life-long learner. I love learning new skills and is willing to take advantage of every new opportunity I get along the way. ⚪️ I would like to make a significant contribution to the world, I like using my words to make a difference and to create positive change. ⚪️ I love helping people share their stories and thinks that representation is the best way to raise awareness about social justice issues. ⚪️ I believe that being surrounded by people from different walks of life provides unique opportunities to learn and understand one another. ⚪️ I am passionate about empathetic communication. Nothing can be done without communication, and each and every form of communication has its own beauty. ⚪️ I love meeting new people and enjoy helping others when I am able to. I love to travel and learn about different cultures and their cuisines.