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Amy Lacy




🇺🇸Join Veterans Network, here on Clubhouse! ❤️Mom 🇺🇸 Veteran Coach, Entrepreneur 📍Colorado Springs, Colorado 🙏🏼 Believe there is POWER in your story! Share it, you never know how YOUR story can change lives! 👏 Be proud of how far you have come, even if it is not where you want to be! 🇺🇸I am a medically separated, disabled USAF Veteran. I am currently rated at 100% Permanent and Total. I make my home in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my three kids! While I hail from Great Falls, Montana – home for me is wherever my kids are. They are my home, my heart, and my soul. I spent 11 unforgettable years serving in the USAF! I was in the Dental Field and did a wide range of jobs and specialties. I also had the opportunity to do two years of Medical Readiness, as a Unit Deployment Manager (UDM), by far my favorite times and experiences, this is when I felt I was the most a part of the mission, the big picture, when it came to training and preparing to send our troops off for real world missions and deployments. I also did some pretty fun things as a member of the Wing Exercise Evaluation Team (EET) doing joint exercises with civilian counterparts, to include international counterparts while stationed in Lajes Field, Azores. That was an amazing and unforgettable experience. Serving in the USAF was the best decision I could have made for myself and I continue to strive to live by the core values daily, Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We do. Like many of you, the extent of my knowledge of service-related disability came from going through the medical separation process. I left the service originally rated at 50% for Military Sexual Trauma (MST), 30% for migraines, 10% for each hip, and 10% for each knee. After 9 years, I was recently awarded 100% P&T. Like so many of you, I face disabilities that can’t be seen even though they can be as physically and emotionally devastating as any visible disability. Because of my own personal experiences, I give Veternan’s especially, those struggling to open up about PTSD/MST a safe, non-judgmental space where they can be understood.