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Amy Chin




Founder of Calm_Better_Days @tokeativity NYC co-lead Ready to find relief from anxiety? 🌱Get CBD answers & education from a mom who gets it! Amy Chin is the Founder of Calm Better Days. As a sufferer of anxiety and postpartum depression, she found great relief with CBD. Incorporating CBD into her routine, Amy became more patient, present and mindful, able to respond to life’s twists and turns instead of reacting. After seeing the difference in herself, she knew she had to help others understand how CBD could help in a myriad of ways. Calm Better Days walks clients thru what is CBD, what to use it for, different delivery methods and how to find your dosage. Knowing the essentials is key to maximizing your results. Clients also receive a tailored CBD regimen based on the individual's needs and lifestyle so they can dive into their CBD journey. A firm believer in Conscious Buying. Always supporting Brands that Give Back. Small Farms, Woman & BIPOC Owned Brands.