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I love to build apps and software that change the world and make a real-world impact. Current projects include : 1. Flashmates. Flashmates is a product that is focused on making easier for students to manage housing and finance while in college. Currently active in Kent State University with 1500 DAU and 3 listings for housing being posted daily on an average. Link : 2. TuluAI. TuluAI is a project where our mission to protect and digitize every language in the world using modern technology. We have built a translator which is currently available only for web and translates languages such as Tulu, Hindi, Marathi, English and many more. Link : I also own AS98, which is a product studio where I ship/launch apps and software. I host I Am A Coconut Podcast which is available on all podcasting platforms and YouTube. Born and raised in Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪 Currently jumping between New York, Illinois and Ohio 🇺🇸