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Ami Bolt




Hola lovely 👋🏽 Ami *(ay-me)* : Proper Noun A wordy witch. Writes top-quality copywriting + content writing for female entrepreneurs (find ‘super-women’ for definition) who run service based businesses. On a mission to change the world’s business owner stats + help more women succeed. Fundamentally believes the world should be equal and what’s in your pants doesn’t mean 💩. Synonyms: copywriter, content writer, creative, disney princess, Potterhead, cat-mama, kindness-advocate, empath, feminist. Antonyms: Corporate worker, pessimist, extrovert. I’m a creative copywriter. Bewitch your ideal clients with wordy spells on your: 🪄 website 🪄 sales pages + landing pages 🪄 marketing emails 🪄 blog articles 🪄 social media captions 🪄 white papers I use my LOVE method, ‘cause who doesn’t love LOVE? All words are popped in a cauldron, it bubbles and creates: 💖 L → Likability 💖 O → Originality 💖 V → Visibility 💖 E → Empathy It’s a kinda gold colour. Pour it over your words + your bank account will go BOOM. 7+ years of copywriting experience, an actual obsession with tone of voice, and an ass that won’t quit. Sound like your cup of pumpkin juice? 🦉 Send me an owl 👇🏽