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Making this 🌎 a healthier place 🚀👩🏻‍💻Head of Partnerships @Lapsi Heath VC Fellow @Health Innovation Capital 👩🏻‍🎓EMBA candidate 👩🏻‍🎓VU Faculty of Medicine Public Health 👩🏻‍🎓ISM University of Management and Economics. Courses: New Product Development and Service Innovation, Business Strategy 🩺 7+ years in private healthcare (DNA tests 🧬 , vaccines 💉 , preventative healthcare, medical tourism ✈️ , telehealth, medtech, business development, B2B sales...) 🔔 if you want to get notified about all of my fun and professional rooms!:) Passionate about: 🩺🏥✡️ _________________________________ 👋 My upcoming rooms: 🔴🎙Host of MedTech MedTalk / MedTrends 🎙Host of Let’s Talk Telehealth... ________________________________ ✡️Member of the Board of Trustees of the Academy for Jewish Religion (U.S.) ✡️Former Vice-President, Member of the Board of the European Union of Jewish Students ✡️Member of the Council of the Jewish Community of Lithuania ❤️because of a big volume of messages I might not be able to respond instantly so please be patient & repeat your message or shoot me an email!🙏🕊 👋😜Met 31,5 (+ many more lost the count )people from 6 countries from CH and still counting! Let’s connect! 📷 IG: amitgoldwoman 📮 [email protected] 💬 💭 🌟☕️Let's grab a virtual cup of coffee! ________________________________ Opinions are my own 🖤