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🇺🇸 🟥 8 time author Best selling author in the series “you can overcome Anything vol 9 🟦 Global Speaker \ Podcaster 🟥 Founder of Kayles Enterprises (Books Wine Perfume) 🏆 Creator of the Rising heroes and Emerging Authors Program #myinnertigerissleeping #ModernSuperman #CaptainAmericamorals New Yorker Biggest inspiration: My grandfather was a first generation entrepreneur and operated 4 businesses, real estate investor, owned a tv repair shop, founded a non profit and construction company 🇺🇸 New book on Amazon ! And like that… We’re gone! Finding your own jet fuel on your path to success Make the “S” your own - Superman “With great power comes great responsibility “ Spider-Man “Don’t ever go with the flow. BE the flow “Jay Z “They will race behind you, they will stumble and may fall but in time they will join you in the sun and you will help them accomplish wonders - Superman Superhuman abilities ♠️♦️♥️ 🔵Ambition 🔴Kindness 🔵Determined 🔴Shoot for the moon personality 🔵Bravery 🔴Calmness 🔵Inspiring 🔵Passion 🔴Maverick attitude 🔵 intuitive 🔴 fast learner @sierrastoops is my clubhouse crush 🔴Superman in modern form Captain America is my second outfit