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Amber Bariaktari




☯️ Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach. 🎥 Producer, writer, director for film and television. Who I work with in my coaching: • I help people with Rheumatoid Arthritis • I help people with other autoimmune diseases • I help entrepreneurs who have RA or another autoimmune disease balance work and home life while helping them to lower their symptoms and improve their nutrition, health, and wellness • I help homeschooling or unschooling parents or guardians who have an autoimmune disease. I help them simplify, streamline, and find their true compass and homeschooling or unschooling life while also helping them lower their autoimmune disease symptoms and improve their nutrition, health, and wellness • I help people lose weight and understanding things like insulin resistance, cravings, emotions, habits, crowding out bad foods and increasing whole real nutrient dense foods and I help with what’s off the plate. • I help people who want help with eating cleaner and want help with nutrition, health, and wellness using an integrative nutrition approach Learn more about my one-on-one coaching at or back channel me here or on Instagram @coachamberbariaktari with the words CH coach for more information or go to and book your free discovery call now. My own Rheumatoid Arthritis journey: • I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 8 years old but by doing the AIP autoimmune protocol Paleo diet and doing 16/8 time restricted eating I’ve brought all my RA symptoms down to zero and I’m no longer on heavy duty combo of RA biological meds like Enbrel or 8 pills of methotrexate and I’m no longer disabled. And, I’m finally able to do weightlifting and exercising so do that 4 days a week. Also, my grandmother was an invalid from RA since she had been 16 and my mom has RA severely with deformed hands and feet and my half brother and niece both have severe ulcerative colitis. FILMMAKER: • Owner of Bullet Dance Films • partner/ producer at Hellbender Media • producer • screenwriter • director • currently directed and produced a spiritual music video More about Me: • I’m a 100% extrovert • I’m spiritual. I’m a Taoist • I have two life partners and am polyamorous • • my quote: “Always come from love in everything that you say and do, even to yourself” • Instagram @coachamberbariaktari