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Name’s NiyeNinu (June Ama Nzinga). I am a health advocate, healer, creator and many other things. I have a business that is dedicated to helping people achieve a pain free life physically, spiritually, and mentally. • Bodywork Therapy • Reiki Healing Therapy (Virtual & In-Person) • Herbalist - 3 proprietary blends of handmade vegan herbal massage oils: Dream Recovery, Stress Less, No Pain (see pic in bio of oils) I started off addressing the physical ailments with stretch therapy, muscle testing, and acupressure. Then realized how acupressure correlates to your chakra energy and got certified as a reiki practitioner. In addition to all of that I always share health tidbits to my clients on how to eat better whenever I can. As I move forward in life I always strive to enhance my being in acquiring new and related skills that will make me a better practitioner for my community. I also am an advocate for mental health. Too many people I love have lived their life without the mental help they needed. I don’t like how mental illnesses are taboo in the black community. I’d like to break that stigma and ensure that we are getting the help we need to become a better community for each other. I myself am on the spectrum of ADHD. Co-Author: Open Your G.I.F.T.S part 2 (W/ Kim Coles from the “Living Single” sitcom) Omo Ogun ⚔️🔪⛓🌲🌳 Lover of forests Life Path #: 1 Currently Shadow Working - Not Pretty but definitely healing! My personal IG is @NiyeNinu19 *Teaching is my passion*