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Amar Singh




Islamic mystic and Universal Exorcist . Dream Intuit, spiritual advisor with universal religious experience and knowledge. Pisces : wise soul . Omnikinises ability. [email protected]. To access my services go to: Dreams carry deep divine mysteries and guidance . I have the ability to unveil these mysteries and deliver clearly the hidden message . These mysteries involve the present , past and future . The twilight zone apparition . Reoccurring dreams. Visitations from the unseen realm . Nightmares .Travels to numerous dimensions . The presence of demons in ones life creating havoc , sleep paralysis and disguised chaos . Despite the nightmare or sleep paralysis and confusion of this undetermined divine infinite portal . Your experiences speak to me in voices and visions wanting to be heard by you with urgency . My life permitted me the honour of Journeying through various religions . I started my childhood deep into Christianity and further ventured into vedic and Hinduism practices . I spent time alongside scholars and elders of experience within African spiritual culture . Throughout this beautiful journey I have acquired deep knowledge and experience that lead me into the field of exorcism . I am a practicing exorcist and spiritual advisor despite the belief system . I was lead through the spiritual connection of Melchizedek towards the beauty of islam and it's ascension process . Here I reside with my comforts of personal spiritual practices . I'm a student of language , presently the Arabic language . Memorizing the Quran is a journey I embarked upon a few years ago and still am on that journey .