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Amanda Rafel




Wellness Consultant + Biohacker with an emphasis on growth and transformation mindset. • I believe Everything begins with self. • Wellness for your mind, body and soul. • I help you uncover your goals and where you are to support you to achieve your dreams. 💟 Currently: 🫶 Biohacker 💗 Occupational Therapist ⭐️ Certified SUCCESS™️ Coach through and Success Magazine 💥 Certified Abelson DISC 👥 Founder of Transition Results Coaching ✅ Lead for NC & Co-Lead of NJ Power Teams for Tony Robbins 🔑 Investor Background: • Master Marketer, Mastermind of Think and Grow Rich for High Performers, Mastermind of Colorful Calendar Club, Creator of IRON Framework for Sales, Operations specialist for live and virtual events, Occupational Therapist, Masters of Occupational Science, Yoga Instructor, E/RYT-200, Published Researcher, Service Award Recipient in NY, Co-Owner Power to Pivot Coaching 📍 NJ, NYC 🇺🇸 ✳️ Moderator of ✳️ • Achievers Breakfast 🏠 Club #GETUPNGROW 7-830am EST M-F • Daily Gratitude - What Are You Grateful For? 🏠 Club #GETUPNGROW 830-1030Am EST Daily