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Amanda Jawad




Lawyer/Writer/Poet 📖 Reiki Level I/II 🔥 Holy Fire III Interested in discussing: -Arab feminism and womxn’s issues -Progressive Islam -Media representation of marginalized groups (especially Arabs and Muslims) -My self-love journey -Spiritual growth & development -Womxn’s health 🩸 -Navigating multiple layers of identity -Intersectional activism Grow with us 💥 Join the “Professional Women of Color” club every Tuesday at 8:30 PM EST as we share the one scary thing we did each week! (To join the club click on the first icon below 🙂) LGBTQIA+ 🌈 / BLM ✊🏽 supporter 🇱🇧 By day: federal prosecutor ⚖️ (All views expressed here are my own) She/Her/Hers 🧜🏼‍♀️