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Travel Industry Changemaker, Building Real Relationships through Networking, Collaborations and Partnerships. Let’s Talk Travel! ♣️ Founder of The Future of Travel Club♣️ Every Sunday @ 11am Eastern (PAUSED I want to know more about YOU! If you would like to collaborate, host a room together or be a guest on The Travel Agent Podcast ⬇️ Go to the link Below⬇️ Join the Conversation & the Club (click the 1st Yellow Club @ the bottom OR click the 🔔 on my profile) WHAT GIVES ME JOY 🎙Host of The Travel Agent Podcast ✅The TAP provides resources, tools, and support to empower Travel industry Professionals to articulate their value, create transformational travel experiences and become prosperous CEO’s. 🚨Join The TAP on Tour🚨 Become apart of our Destination Dream Team (A New Kind of FAM) We have combined the transformational power of a Mastermind, the educational and hands on experience of a Familiarization trips with an innovative spin that is sure to make a positive impact in your business. Join our Amazing Travel Agent Community  HOW I HELP 🏝Travel & Podcast Strategist✈️ Owner & Founder of Blanco Travels ✅ A Luxury Travel Agency that Curates Extraordinary Exclusive Travel Experiences for Busy Professionals and CxOs. HOW I HAVE FUN Food Snob Paper Plate Foodie🍱 @ILove_TastyFood ✅I love making and eating tasty food at home and on my travels. 🎯 I’ve cooked and eaten in 8 countries and counting. Food is my love and we romance each other daily! WHY I AM HERE 🎯I love meeting new people, building relationships and creating meaningful collaborations I am open to co-hosting or moderating rooms with topics covering travel, food or podcasting! HOW TO CONNECT Email: [email protected]