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Al Tepper




Where are your marketing quick wins? ABOUT ME? Keto / healthy living - 80lbs down in 2020 Believe in light, presence, love & energy Huge sci-fi fan: ST:TNG & ACC / TSODE Follow Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown, HHTDL Love games: D&D, poker, chess, qwirkle Spurs fan, son of a gooner, not an expert Spurs =Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Biggest UK Cheeseheads fan ( GPG / NFL ) Cheeseheads aka The Green Bay Packers I was an L2 American Football UK coach I have two Labradoodle dogs: Leela & Loki Dad to a 15 year old neurodiverse rock god Resilience Motivational / Inspirational speaker Host multiple chats on CH - wanna talk? Eclectic music: Sinatra, Eminem, Oldfield Love making people laugh and laughing I went to StFX Uni in Nova Scotia, Canada Specifically in a town called Antigonish I graduated with a 2:1 in 1996 in Politics I won ‘Master Debator’ at the Atlantic’s in ‘93 After failing Y1 I graduated on the Deans List I was chair of the Uni’s Discipline Committee I did a Masters in Publishing at Stirling Uni First job was working at the CBI on their mag Co-founder of multiple agencies and events I’m a fan of giving and am a proud BNI’er I once unexpectedly kissed Princess Diana... NEED ME? After 22 years in business I’m now a marketing leadership, content and LinkedIn coach turning business leaders into marketing leaders. During the 2020 Covid Pandemic I helped one client triple turnover. Over 1500 endorsements and 115 recommendations on LinkedIn alone not to mention countless WhatsApp/Social media testimonials show a) how I’ve learned my craft over those 22 years and b) helped clients secure 7/8 figure deals over the years. For leaders at Accenture, KPMG, IBM, Wipro, HCL, The Guardian and thousands of SMBs...