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vCISO | Information Security Advisor Cybersecurity Evangelist | Consultant | Mentor ———————————————————— WHO AM I 👠 Founder & CISO @ Altair Cybersecurity, LLC 🛡Certified Cybersecurity Professional ✨Mentor to aspiring Cybersecurity professionals ✴️ Empathetic Leader ⚡️former CISO @ BCA 🤺 CyberWarrior 💡Problem Solver 🤔Decision Maker 🌺Poet 🔮Futurist 📚Continuance Learner ———————————————————- STREET CREDS 👩🏽‍💻20+yrs. IT/Cybersec (public and private sector) 🧑🏽‍🎓B.S. Cybersecurity 🏆Credentials: CISM, CMMC-RP, CCSK, AWS CCP, GCIH, CEH ———————————————————— MY INTERESTS 📌Building Relationships 📌Making Connections 📌Government Contracting 📌Protecting SMB’s from cyber attacks 📌Mentoring ———————————————————- WHY AM I HERE 💫I am here to be of service, learn, develop organic relationships, ENGAGE, EMPOWER, and INSPIRE those in rooms which I serve as moderator 💫 ————————————————————- CLUBHOUSE ROOMS ✳️FOUNDER- The Cybersecurity Lounge ✳️FOUNDER— CyberSecurity for SMBs📍- Tips and advice to protect small business and individuals from cyber attacks. BCA Coffee Shop ☕️ ✳️FOUNDER—“Welcome to the Voice of the CISO”- Where the goal is to ENGAGE, EMPOWER, and INSPIRE the next generation of Black Cybersecurity Professionals. ——————————————————— 🔥Operation Real World Experience™️ (ORWE)🔥 ————————————————————- CashApp: $poeticcypher 🗣Let’s discuss how I can be of service to you👇🏽 💬email: [email protected] 💬DM to Twitter 💥Views are my own💥