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Alison Thibault




Color maker using glass & kilns to create magnificent, remarkable jewelry on unceded land of the Wabanaki on Vinalhaven island in Maine I work with all people (not just women) who love color, value handcrafted jewelry and appreciate the personal connection that comes from working directly with me the maker 🌟 If this sounds like you, join the club and sign up for my newsletter on my website where you’ll go behind the scenes, hear some great stories, see all the colors, and learn a little bit about life on an island in Maine. Reach me at [email protected] 🌟pandemic side hustle Helping creatives build their own website Want some help? Send me a dm on Instagram @alisonthibault Empowering Independent Creatives 📍Vinalhaven, Maine Unceded land of the Wabanaki 📞 207.449.6285 📧 [email protected] 🌎