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🏡 Active houses - The Lili Pad, Ali’s house, The Light in U IG-alisonmcleanwalker Current Fav people for replays: Earnest Inquirers house🫀, Prakash Venglat, Jataveda, Melinda Hogvard, Dr. Sally Adnams Jones, Rehman, Venkat, Anup, Sunny and Yog’s older replays, SK, Srinivas, Prasad, Karin, Janice, Madir, Vinod, & Free Gods house 💕Quantum Photonics Club With the Amazing Epic Cecile + 💕 It’s About Time Club IG: Flowlandtv, lili.umlongiflorum, flowcamptours, flowcampmaps Sometimes I unadd someone I ❤️ listening to just to add someone else quickly before they leave a stage. ☮️DM me please if offense is taken 🫀 🧘‍♀️ A few of my favorite things: ☑️ Insights from the heart here & now 🦻🏼 Raw thoughts & feelings shared w care, awareness & skill 🫀The Tao of self care time 🎾our relationship w/ time in spaces 🏐the persona, mind & the illusion of a fully individuated separate self ☢️💝 Healthy egos 💟 Reichian defense styles / postures & my 🗺 seen as a house of cards. 🤭 Curiosity @ who I is over & over 🥎Laughs & tears together & Hachi. 🏀Live sound / stage sound/ bioacoustics/ ROVs 💡Fourier fun 🏓 Mash up creatives #IHeartTheRemix 🪁Film, books & Maya 🛎 breath portals embodied 🥏Dream Interpretations 🪐Mystics ☯️ Hypnagogic flows-Dissolving conditioning that limits our potentials ⛳️Heart centered connections 🏸Heart ❣️ Maps- as it appears & is 🏹Somatic Wisdom- Healing trauma 🧊Integral Theory/ AQAL/ Spiral dynamics 🥍Physics 🪀History catch up - no more no less 🛼 Vedas Sutras & Cosmology 🎯Romancing Gravity & GR 🤍Zen koans & timeless Isness 🖤Tastes of Emptiness ❤️‍🔥The Perfume of Everything 💝 Carls ❣️Labels dissolving 🟢Laniakea, the Great Attractor & dipoles 🔵Systems & Structures 🟠 🧀 🔺Fun conversations 🔻Waking up down in & out 🔻Felt senses 🔸Blindspots/ shadow work 🔶The Journey of Only Forever 🎉Talking to my cells @ eternity 🔹Myers Briggs/ Hakomi/Enneagram typology 🔷AR games-circling 🔲Philosophy 〰️Transitions ♾ Intimacy w/ the egoic self, bodymind & feelings 👁 the observable universe and and ⛵️ Bluewater cruisers ☑️ Adulting Need support w/ the intensity of awakening to your best self? Google Gino Yu & his website @ support for those in crisis mode: Antarabhav- his club Awesome peepsI❤️‍🩹 -Loch Kelly - Dan P Brown