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Ali Katz




Bringing love to the legal profession, I write & coach on money 💰 , business, & the legal ⚖, ins, financial + tax (LIFT) systems to support your personal sovereignty and creation of generational wealth. ***Personal Family Lawyer*** 💫4x @Inc 5000 Founder/CEO, of @newlawbizmodel on Twitter Insta: @newlawbusinessmodel 🔥 LAWYERS: Get the New Law Business Model book on Amazon 🌟FOUNDERS: Be the CEO of your life and business. Blueprint here: ✨Live in Boulder, CO with my two kids + building a community land project in Costa Rica. 💥WE are the creators of the economy. Lets do it in a good way. Georgetown Law 99’, Summa Cum Laude, John M Olin Law & Economics Fellow. Formerly: Alexis Neely|Ali Shanti. #shmillie 1/3 Generator I/ENTJ Take the Money Dysmorphia Blindspot Quiz at If you are an awesome lawyer, committed to practicing law in a new way (based in collaboration, love and true care for your community and the people you serve), please join us in the Lawyers We Love group here on Clubhouse.