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Alicia James




CEO and Founder of ChangeIT Up Change Management. ✅I Deliver Solutions based on the GetIT Right The First Time Framework. Launching July 2022. Born in Antigua, grew up in the UK, live in Australia. Website launching June 2022 Stay Tuned. TOP SKILLS ✅ Organisational Change Leadership ✅ GetIT Right The First Time Framework - simple steps to GetIT Right The First Time when delivering on IT Change Programs. ✅ Organisational Readiness and Assessments ✅ Change Delivery Roadmaps ✅ Project Transition and Adoption INTERESTS Podcast:#GetIT Right The First Time Launching soon- STAY TUNED ChangeIT Up Change Management Coaching Book ‘ROAR’ Chapter: ‘Sssh I Am Not Who You Think I Am’ Buy your copy @ I love learning about: 📎 Joint ventures and start ups story telling Blogging Podcasting