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Alex Shekarchian




🤳📺🎥🎼⭐️ Talent Manager | Attorney | Producer | Teacher | Growth-Marketer - aka I give advice, help people chase their dreams & am a multi-hyphenate who represents many multi-hyphenates🎓🎩🪖 Upcoming projects for clients: Christopher Scott - choreographer for IN THE HEIGHTS, FOX’s THE BIG LEAP & Aaron Sorkin’s BEING THE RICARDOS. Layla Alizada in Showtime’s SHAMELESS and lead of the Oscar nominated short DAY ONE. Nadine Crocker recently wrapped her co-pro w Cassian Elwes on her directorial debut CONTINUE Don Benjamin is in pre-production and about to start filming NORTH OF THE TEN Clients I’ve been lucky enough to work with: Faye Dunaway Lance Bass Carly Steel Christopher Scott Sergio Navarretta Layla Alizada Nadine Crocker Alix Angelis Don Benjamin Adam Tomei Neels Visser Emelia Hartford Natalie Pack Katherine Webb Don Jeanes Jake Paul Alissa Violet Chad Tepper Travis Turner Max Goodrich Zack Cosby & Mi Chani Jeremiah Alexis Jessica Vargas Summer Ray Chase/Anthony Marquel Williams Nikola Kent Michael Ursu Emilien De Falco Courtney Polisky Rome Shandaloo Fariborz Diaan Brandon Tabassi Arazou Baker Nazanin Mandi Leo Fialho...and many more. *Producer on Cont;nue, The Hornet’s Nest & Max Rose *Obama’s 2017 Social Media Influencer Summit *Brands: Kia, Bvlgaria, Moët, EA, Candid, Hubble, Starz, Casper, Zynga, Doritos, Budlight, Disney, Bang, Maybelline, Glassie, M.A.S.H. & many more. Carefully weighing conflicting constitutional interests. While freedom of speech is a fundamental right, it is not absolute, and therefore subject to restrictions. v. "If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence." - Justice Louis Brandeis