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CMO @ Filthbomb Breaks 📲 Sick of Crooks Stealing Your Trademark and IP? Let’s Talk! @ ⭐️ Partner @ ⭐️ We help brands that need the most successful aggressive ip protection in the United States. ➕Some of our Clients: 🥊 Floyd Mayweather 🏈 Rob Gronkowski 🥋 Chuck Liddell ⚖️Our Servcies: 🔥 We Report and Remove Counterfeit Items on the internet! 🛑We REMOVE Imposter Social Accounts ⭐️⭐️ ➕Work History 🏀 I worked for the Detroit Pistons/Detroit Shock for 10 years under Bill Davidson ownership tenure. I was Awarded a 2004 Championship Ring as part of community relations/entertainment group. ➕Sports Professional 🏈 NFL tryouts with the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears. Always grateful of the opportunity no matter the outcome! I played in the Great Lakes Football League for the Detroit Seminoles. I love the game of football! ➕Father 👨‍👧 📍Detroit, Michigan 🇺🇸🇮🇹70% Italian 👏🏼I believe in EQUALITY.👏🏼 🏠Ask to hear MY impressions. ➕Side Hobby 😎 SocialMedia for Filthbomb Breaks 🌎 I SOLD the largest Matthew Stafford Exquisite Rookie Collection in the World. 🐴 I’m @SportsCardStallion on IG & Tiktok ➕Social 🏆Linkedin: 🔥 Tip: Register your actual name as a domain name and use it to forward to your LinkedIn. Easy Self Branding. ➕Investing 📈I watch, study, and invest in the stock market; large and small caps. ➕I speak; English, Italian, and Spanish. 🏘 Search: ecom, ecommerce, brand protection, michigan, detroit pistons, nfl, fake items, counterfeit items, fake designer, brand protection enforcement, intellectual property, ip, mark cuban, shark tank, innovation, disrupt, nft, clubhouse, stocks, robinhood, rh, apple, tesla, lawyer, law, legal, paralegal, mastermind, joe biden, nfl, nba, seo, search engine optimization, ai, money, stock market, amazon sellers, ecommerce mastermind, sports cards, shopify, elon musk, smma, social media, brand owner, fake products, dmca, cease desist, takedown, dmca takedown, dave portnoy, grant cardone, garyv, garyvee, gary vaynerchuk, dan fleyshman, dan fleyshmen, justina valentine, justina, anthony morrison, adrian morrison, dan henry, michael jordan, ashton kutcher, logan paul, jake paul, mrbeast, mr beast, alexis ohanion, wolf, alex, anu, paul davison, sports cards